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The advantages of being highly bespoke and what we have learned over many years


Customised panels
We have always refused to take the easier option and use third party manufactured "Structural Insulated Panels Systems", (S.I.P.S) and the Garden Office photo below is yet another example showing the advantages - this building is not at the bottom of the garden like most, but half way down.

This means it needs to leave enough space to to comfortably pass beside it, maybe with a wheelbarrow. As we manufacture our own panels we can make them the best exact size that supports the project, rather than multiples of 1200mm or 4ft as many panels are made in these standard sizes. We make anything down to the nearest few mm and this comes in very handy. 

Bespoke ventilation
Many people like to have a set of french doors and a full height panel window or two in their Garden Studio but if there is nothing else for light and ventilation then you can get a stuffy room, so it is a good idea to have what we call a letterbox window. These are around 4 ft wide and only 18 inches deep but are top hung to provide a nice through-draught on the warmer days, when the french doors can't be left completely open and in winter, just to provide a little fresh air. These letterbox windows are supplied with insurance approved locks and multiple point locking and are very secure. We only charge £160 plus VAT fitted, for them (if in white) and as they are high up the wall they both balance the light at the rear of the building as a higher a window is the more light it passes through and they are high enough not to foul a filing cabinet or other furniture. If you were concerned with privacy for any reason, as some in back walls could look at a neighbour's garden, then we glaze them with privacy glass which is like tracing paper, the light passes through but you can see nothing through them either from inside looking out or outside looking in.

Thoughtful connections
Note the "tails" in the front left corner of the Extra Garden Room. The tails are the ends of the wiring circuit and are put where you the customer tell us you want them, and it is where the consumer unit we be fitted. We supply the consumer unit and give it to you so you can give it to your sparky who connects the power from your house to the studio. (This is the only thing we do not normally do for cost reasons. We would have to add the cost of an electrician to travel to site from our Nottingham factory and back, which is costly, and if later something went wrong or you decided to add anything electrically, it would always be better to have a more local electrician). We do recommend one if you are local to Nottingham or in either London or the Home counties where we found a very good one some years ago and we can pass on his details if you need him, we always get praise for him from our customers. You pay him direct and he pays us no commission, we just want it all to go smoothly and it always has with him and that is what we are after. Over the years he has probably connected over 50 of our buildings.

One thing he told us after a few jobs is that we could make it easier for him and other sparkies if we made it easier for them by trailing a large diameter cable from where the consumer unit needs to go, and from there down inside the wall and out for the floor, projecting from the building about a metre, so that the main armoured cable can be joined to that.

Some customers have had a few sparkies that made a really ugly job of placing an armoured cable right up on the new cedar cladding on the front face of some buildings, very unsightly, so this now avoids that completely, we put a specific thick wire inside the walls all hidden away and there is not need to bring an armoured cable outside the building at all, a much better solution, so we have always been grateful to him for suggesting that.

Practical magic!
We all have to make a living but it is by no means all about the money. When making and constructing anything that requires teams of people to do it, one advantage of doing anything for decades is the quality of the folks you assemble together over that time. Practice and years of experience makes them all very competent. After more than 600 unique buildings made and fitted over the decades, there are very few situations or requirements or designs we have not come across before. Not to say we are not ready to keep learning of course!


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Blog June 5 3

Written by David Fowler at 00:00

Long Summer Nights! Long Lasting benefits!


The days are longer, the garden more accessible, so we are currently getting a number of enquiries for new garden rooms that can create extra enjoyable space and allow us to get out in the garden even more than usual. 

And don't forget, once it's installed, a Garden Room, Garden Office or even Sound Proofed Garden Room, will be usable all year round. Our garden rooms are well built, well insulated buidings, made from quality materials and designed to last.

We've been doing this a long time and our satisfied customers are always keen to share their stories.

Give us a call - or send an email and we'll tell you how we can meet your needs in time for the summer season and beyond!


Written by David Fowler at 00:00

Teenage Kicks


Have you ever dreamed of having you very own sound proofed garden room for music practice or perhaps a cinema room, where you could turn the sound up and nobody would complain or criticise?

Whether you or any member of your family are a budding guitarist or drummer or simply a huge film fan, who likes to "pump up the volume", we have a garden room for you.

Our sound proofed garden studios and garden rooms are the best on the market - we've even produced a short video to show you.

At ExtraRooms we've made it our business to learn about decibels and sound insulation and never go anywhere without our trusted Decibel Meter. (see Blog article from way back in 2002!)

Give us a call or drop us a line and we'll tell you how you could get your teeenage kicks (whatever your age!) at a reasobale price, using a garden space you won't even miss. (you can even invite some of the the remaining members of the Undertones to play in your garden)



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Spring into your garden with a Garden Room!

As spring arrives our thoughts turn to the garden and the ways we can use the space as the weather improves. At Extra Rooms, we specialise in helping you get the most out of your garden space. We create beautiful, affordable and practical Garden Rooms, Garden Offices, Artists Studios, Summer Pods and Sound Proof Garden Rooms for budding musicans or Djs!

The beauty of these spaces is that actually you'll continue to use them in the winter too - opening up your garden as an "all year round" space. We've been helping people create fantastic garden buildings for years. Hand crafted - customised spaces tailored to you exact needs. We manufacture and assemble (just to check everything is Pukka) in our workshop, then deliver and reassemble in your garden, usually in one day.

sound-proofed garden music room

Check out the multiple examples on the website and contact us for a quote!

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It's a 360°world!


A few months ago we built a garden office for a customer who is a film maker. It seemed like a great idea to ask him to shoot a video for us, it worked out well and now features on our home page.

Extra Rooms -360


Recently he contacted us again - he's been experimenting with some new 360° camera technology and thought we might like to see the results.

Well, it's truly amazing just take a look at this on our garden office case study page you can pan through 360° degrees and really see the amazing effect this garden room has had for the client. We hope to do more of these examples in the near future, so that customers can see some real life examples and case studies without having to travel long distances...

We'll keep you posted on developments.

Meanwhile big thanks to Sasha Snow (www.sashasnow.com), who took the initiative and showed us the future! 


Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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