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Sorting out the electrical hook up for a studio office and 'best practice'

A very competent sparky has worked for us on many occasions, we met him through a very discerning customer in London about 5 years ago, his name is Arthur Hunt (threecore).…

Artist Studio Winchester Front

The Curious Incident of the Artist, the Hinge and the Landscaper in the Night

We are supplying more and more of our garden studios with grey uPVC now as opposed to white, they seem to be taking over at the moment and they do look quite nice. We were kindly permitted to drop in on this one a few weeks ago so had an opportunity to take a few photos in the daylight. (For most of our installations we rely on customer photos as we completed under cover of darkness!)…

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Tales from the bottom to the garden… or... garden office plumbing issues!

We all agree that it is generally better to have a garden office or studio as far away from the house as possible, to accentuate the gap between work and home life, literally as well as metaphorically…

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Smaller is not always cheaper, larger is not always more expensive.

Hi Extra-Roomers! Here’s a little story to prove that size is important – but not in the way you might think! Potential customers often enquire about smaller si…

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The Advantages of uPVC Doors for Your Garden Office - Plastic Fantastic!

Hi there everyone, we at Extra Rooms hope everyone has had an excellent seasonal break. Meanwhile we've been doing some thinking over the summer.…

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Garden Room Plumbing

Most garden room manufacturers and installers make the majority of their garden buildings off-site and assemble and complete on-site. Staff utilised to do these installations usually come from outside the delivery areas and therefore struggle to provide staff…

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Garden Office Security

In my experience, the majority of garden offices and studios are situated in a location distanced from the main house or dwelling. This separation often functions to keep domestic and commercial life separate as well as to not block off the view of the garden from the…

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What’s a garden room when it’s at home anyway?

Studio, art room, sound-proofed music room, gym, granny annex, self-contained accommodation, outdoor dining room, beauty therapy room, guest bedroom, children’s play room, office…the list goes on! For many, the versatility of a garden room is nothing new; however you’d be surprised how many people we speak to still believe that garden buildings are reserved exclusively for storing spades and punctured paddling pools!…

Sound Wave Decibel 04

Decibel Meter Survey

Some interesting facts about sound: Sounds consist of pressure waves. The intensity of sound is known as the sound pressure level, or SPL. The human ear can detect a wide range of sound pressure…

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