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How are Extra Rooms coping with the Coronavirus?

At Extra Rooms we take the current Covid situation very seriously -

Our construction teams are still allowed to go to work because they cannot build a building at home, the office staff can work at home and are all doing so.

But what about passing on the virus at work, we do not want them to do that so how can we minimise or prevent it?

Well we are small enough and there are enough hours in the day for teams to work in isolation, thereby a maximum of just 2 people in the factory at any one time. Therefore this way we can still be constructing and then setting aside the buildings flat packed ready for when we can install the once the lockdown is over. Technically we could perhaps install them as other builders are all working but we do not want to take the risk of 4 men travelling together in one towing vehicle for up to 6 hours, that would surely be a way to defeat our objectives.

We are still able therefore to produce our buildings almost normally, except we cannot get supplies of doors and windows but as they are all tailor made for us, we are just leaving the openings and will fit them prior to delivery and loading.

This is the best we can do, never more then 2 men working together, and all common machines have self-adhesive copper tape placed on the handles, door handles, switches etc, as viruses do no like copper, which is why the most expensive hospital beds are copper coated. 

Slugs will not go near a copper ring left around a plant, and the same applies to viruses, they do not sit there breeding away on copper as on other surfaces.

We also look at the prevention of symptoms to help advise our staff generally during this difficult period - for a long time it has been quite apparent that it is highly beneficial to dose yourself up with high amounts of vitamin C and D. So much so in fact that even mainstream doctors treating coronavirus patients in New York initially, and now being taken up elsewhere, as per the recommendations of the Chinese CDC, are applying high dose vitamin C and D.

They are dong it intravenously but the Chinese are saying high doses orally look like being the only thing found so far which may actually be preventative

Another thing to add is to wear masks, they do offer a reduction in transmission to the wearer but more so for folks in proximity to those wearing them. At the end of the day if someone has it and sneezes, would you not prefer them to be wearing a mask at the time? I know I would.

According to researchers, iodine cannot be tolerated at all by viruses, a few drops in a little water, then sprayed on to the mask, kills them stone dead, the mask is now starting to be come much more preventative than just a piece of cloth as a screen.

So all in all this is a much better strategy than just sending the men to work with no masks, no forethought and in a crowded environment, or bussed to work in a crowded bus with no masks at all as some may be doing.

So we hope to see you soon with your very own therapeutic Extra Room on the back of our towing vehicle - ready for assembly at your property!

Best of luck to you all meanwhile...

Author: David Fowler - owner of Extra Rooms

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