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Garden Offices - The "Joys" of our Barrel Pods

On an average day you'll find us beavering away with both "normal" garden buildings and what we call Pods. We have been building 'normal' buildings for over a decade now and we've made hundreds of them to date.
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Special offer garden rooms and buildings made differently

Well this is normally the slackest time of year, post Christmas pre-spring, so normally we have an opportunity to make some buildings for stock and display.
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Tales from the bottom to the garden… or... garden office plumbing issues!

We all agree that it is generally better to have a garden office or studio as far away from the house as possible, to accentuate the gap between work and home life, literally as well as metaphorically.
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Garden Office Maintenance

Nobody wants to have to maintain a building more than is absolutely necessary, we all lead busy lives, so we make our garden rooms so that they need hardly any maintenance at all.
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Special offer garden buildings

Sometimes customers are in a real hurry for a garden office or room for a variety of reasons, whatever it is they need it fast. For this reason, we make a variety of stock buildings and put them on our special offers page.
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