DIY Garden Room Kits

Completion by customer saving up to 25%

Option 1

You end up with the same building for a lot less expense, but of course nothing is for nothing, you'll need to get your hands dirty but will save 25% in the process.

What we will provide:

We will still provide all the materials required to take the building to completion.

We will still supply your building to a bespoke design and size, but this option provides for roadside delivery only. We will provide a device to assist in wheeling the panels to the siting area.

The building will arrive in panel form, plastered throughout, sanded down and sealed internally ready for painting.

We will not erect your building on site, but we will do so in our factory beforehand as we construct it. We will email photographs of it so you can recognise it as your own and having been built here already, it means that the assembly on site is faster and easier, since it has been done once already.

All doors and windows will be supplied and fitted already, but unglazed. The double glazing units will be supplied separately but not fitted (for safety and to reduce the weight of the panels).

It will be double insulated and the external layer of insulation acts as a temporary waterproof layer so once the panels are together and the rubber roof covering fitted, you will not be under duress if the weather changes for the worse for a while.

What work you will need to do:

Supply a foundation in advance of delivery. See separate note on foundation advice to follow, showing the easiest and most efficient method for a foundation.

Wheel the panels to the siting area, lay the floor deck we provide on the foundation and then erect the building and cover the roof. See note on roof completion.

Painting and staining internally of walls, ceiling, skirting and architraves, all of which will be supplied jointed but loose.

Supply and fit a floor covering if required.

Fit the exterior cladding to the walls and roof edges. We will supply the screws for this as we have always found that whilst it takes a little longer to fit the cladding using screws it is well worth it because if any mistakes are made, or if at any time in the future access is required inside the walls then it is a simple matter of just unscrewing the cladding rather than trying to prise it off with out damaging it. The walls are ply lined internally so they are secure even with the cladding removed.


All the wiring circuits will be provided within the panels at the “first fix” stage. This means that the wiring will all be present and hidden within the walls and the roof. The light fittings and power sockets will need to be fitted but they will all be supplied along with the building including warm white LED low energy bulbs. The holes will be cut out for the flush ceiling down lights and for the power sockets.

We will also provide a consumer unit but as with all of our buildings, the electrical hook-up from your house to the studio will need to be carried out by a local qualified electrician.

You may decide to ask your electrician to install the sockets and light fittings if you prefer but there will be no need for any additional wiring as that will all be present and in place within the walls and roof.

This option will reduce the cost of the building by 25% off our quotes.

A day for the foundation and 2-3 weekends should see the work completed comfortably, depending of course on the size of the building and the proficiency of the person or persons involved.

garden office self build

Option 2

This is similar in some ways to option 1, but with a major difference.

Here the building will be delivered and erected on site by us, upon a foundation that we will provide, and the roof covering will be completed and the roof left waterproof.

The glazing will be installed and the building will be left un-clad but temporarily weatherproofed ready for the customer to complete as above.

This option will reduce the price by 10%

With either option the building will still be a bespoke building so the versatility of all extra rooms regarding size and design remains. You can still have whatever you like but at a significantly reduced price if you are willing to complete it yourself.

These options would not be appropriate for someone wanting a turn-key project but a building that would normally be 12k plus vat for example would be 9k plus vat which in turn means that if the work was completed in 3 weekends, then the work would be valued at 1k plus vat a weekend.This is an experimental offer as it may prove too generous, so we reserve the right to amend or withdraw it at any time prior to the arrival of a deposit.



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